Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review helps you to know detail insider information before buying Leesa Mattress. Want to really get a good night’s sleep? Then it’s worth trying out the Leesa Mattress. It’s probably the closest you’re going to get to ‘sleeping like the dead’. From the many reviews we’ve read to try out the mattress ourselves, the Leesa Mattress offers incredible value for money with various redesigned features that make it extremely comfortable, with a feel and support, giving you a more restful sleep.

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“What’s different about this particular mattress, compared to all the others available on the market?” you ask. Well, first of all, it’s a hybrid, combining the benefits of Avena and memory foam to get the best of both while minimizing any negative attributes. For example, memory foam can “sleep hot” while Avena is a latex type foam that allows for good airflow and comfort. By layering the memory foam and Avena together you get the best of both worlds:  a cool top layer, support, and comfort.

Keeping Costs Down

If you’re a tactile person and like to try things out before you buy then you probably won’t like the fact that the mattress is only available online, with the company selling directly to you. While it might be a tad bit annoying for some, it cuts out the many costs incurred when dealing with retailers, which is how Leesa manages to keep the price so reasonable. They also have a great return policy, which we’ll get to a little later.

Out the Box

The mattress comes compressed in a box and will need time to inflate. It will also need some time to air as it has a distinct new smell, which some people (around 11%) found off-putting. We have to agree with this, however, after a few hours it was gone. Having said that we didn’t focus too much on any odors, we were too excited to get it sleep-ready.

Three Layers of Support

Leesa mattresses are comprised of three layers including:

Top Cooling layer: The 2-inch top layer is made of Avena, a polyurethane foam, which is made to provide a cooling layer, which allows for better airflow and less ‘hot sleep’. This layer is also designed to give the mattress a little bounce.

Middle layer: The 2-inch contouring foam memory is constructed to support the weight of your body while providing spinal alignment and pressure relief.

Bottom layer: The bottom layer is a 6-inch foundation layer designed to work with the other two to provide excellent support. That’s what’s inside. But what about the covering?

Covering it up: Usually, the last thing you need to consider when buying a mattress is its cover; after all it’s going to have a sheet over it anyway. For us the fact that Leesa takes even this small detail into account tells you a lot about the company; they’re professional, detail-orientated and take pride in what they do.

The cover is a high-quality poly-lycra blend fabric that wraps around the mattress. The lycra, used in sports clothing, is what makes it breathable, durable and gives it its stretch.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress

Comfort and Firmness

This is a tough one because the firmness and comfort of a mattress are quite subjective, with people having personal preferences. If you’re somewhere in the middle and don’t like your mattress too soft or too firm then you’ll love the Leesa.

It was tested with us lying on our sides, our preferred sleep position, and was pleasantly surprised to find out we were able to fall asleep, and sleep well, on our back, and stomach too. We aren’t able to do this on any other mattress, so it’s quite a big deal for us.

The only negative, although not a deal breaker, is that there isn’t a softer or firmer option at the moment. We’re not sure if this will change down the line, but if it does, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Because of the different layers, this mattress has a little bit of a bounce to it, which allowed us to move around and turn over easily. In terms of firmness, we scored it a sleepy 7 out of 10.

Return Policy

We mentioned earlier that the Leesa mattress is only available online, which means you can’t test it before buying but the company has a 100-Day Return Policy. What this means is that, if after 100 nights of sleeping on the mattress you’re unhappy with it, you can return it for a full refund. They collect it from you, so you don’t incur shipping costs.

But what happens to the mattresses that are returned? This is the part we love to share most; all returned mattresses are donated to homeless shelters. It’s rare nowadays to see companies, especially start-ups, to be giving back to the community, and this , in particular, ade us feel warm and cozy.

Over and above that, should you be unhappy with how it’s maintained its firmness or comfort, there is a 10-year warranty on the mattress. For us, when a company believes in their product like Leesa does then we do too.

Helping Communities and Eco-Friendly

Not only does Leesa donate any returned mattresses to shelters, they also have their One-Ten program (https://www.leesa.com/pages/one-ten), which means for every 10 mattresses sold one is given to someone in need in various cities across the country.

The company is also part of the One-Earth program. In short, for every mattress sold, one tree is planted. Pretty cool, right?

Is the mattress green? No, memory foam isn’t eco-friendly, but Leesa has met the industry standard for memory foam mattresses, specifically the CertiPUR-US. This means it is made without PBDE flame retardants, there is no lead, mercury or other heavy metals and no formaldehyde. Also, there are no ozone-depletes and there are less than 0.5 Volatile Organic Compound particles per million, which is considered low.

However, if an organic mattress is a priority for you then latex or spring is a better option.

If you’re a pros and cons type of person, this is for you.

Leesa Mattress Pros:

  • The Leesa mattress is great value for money
  • A Proudly USA product
  • We like the 100 Day (or night) Return Policy
  • Comfortable and firm with good support

Leesa Mattress Cons:

  • There is an initial unpleasant smell when opening the packaging
  • Not suitable for someone who is very overweight
  • At the moment there is only one firmness level

Other things to keep in mind, should you be considering the Leesa mattress, include:

It is available online which keeps the costs down but this means you’re unable to try it out first. This might be a bit of a deterrent for some.

The Return Policy allows you to return the mattress after 100 days for a full refund if you’re unhappy with it.

The company gives back to the community with its One-Ten program, it donates returned mattresses to those in need in various cities across the country and for every 10 mattresses sold, one tree is planted.

You’ll like Leesa Mattress:

If you like a medium to a firm mattress, the Leesa is somewhere between 6 to 7 out of 10.

If you like a mattress with some ‘give’ and memory foam.

If you like a mattress that is well-priced but doesn’t compromise on quality or workmanship.

If you want to support a new company that proudly gives back to communities and those in need and takes care of the environment.

You might not like Leesa Mattress:

If you like a spring mattress! If you’re open to switching to something a little different then we say you should consider it, but if you’re a spring person through and through, then buying a Leesa mattress won’t be a good idea.

If you want a ‘luxury’ mattress! While the word ‘luxury’ means different things to different people, there are consumers who like all the bells and whistles. The Leesa mattress doesn’t offer things like diamond gel, for example. In our opinion, this is a luxury product, but at a very affordable price, which you’re not going to get with a mattress that makes you coffee and gets you dressed in the morning.

If you want a mattress with a plush feel. Plush for us means softness to the mattress that a pillow top or a soft comfort layer would give. Comfort, however, describes the feeling of the bed, when you lie or sit on it. The Leesa is comfortable, it isn’t plush.

Leesa Mattress Review Summary

Before you close your eyes and count some sheep, we’ll sum it up for you. Leesa is a welcome addition to the hybrid mattress market and from our experience, it’s the whole deal.

From the moment you buy it online, you feel the difference dealing with Leesa. Their customer service is unbeatable, we like the 100-day trial period and full refund policy. We appreciate their approach to helping the community and the environment, especially as a start-up and we love their transparency about the products used.

The Leesa mattress ticks all our boxes; from the price and the business model to its care and commitment. We liked the firmness, comfort, and support of the mattress itself and should there be the off-chance you are really unhappy, you can take advantage of their 100-Day Return Policy with a full refund.

It’s worth a try.